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It's me and my dad!

Goten is incredibly strong as a child, far stronger than either Goku or Gohan ever were are at his age. Chi Chi first discovers that Goten can become a Super Saiyan at only seven years old, making him the youngest Super Saiyan ever at that point.


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Kaiju-Human Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:iconstillthereplz: : "So you see my dearest goten, it is this instinctive and burning need to procreate between a warrior and a bitch that not only keeps the saiyan race going, but also fuels many important industries such as my very own."

:icongoten-plz: : "So what do you think about Z-Fighters over hoes?"

:iconstillthereplz: : "Is that something at Capsule Corp? Wha- I don't know what that is."

:icongoten-plz: : "Z-Fighters over hoes. You know like, you supposed to put your Z-fighter over a hoe. Thats how pimps do, right?"

:iconstillthereplz: : "I don't think Z-Fighters over hoes is a sentiment that a Pimp Named Gohan can co-sign Goten. Don't get me wrong, a pimp named Gohan will put alot of things over a hoe. Money over hoes? Always. Brand new Training Gear over hoes? Absolutely. A Turkey Sandwitch with just tomatoe? Guaranteed! But Z-Fighters? Oh no! A Pimp Named Gohan don't do SHIT for the Z-Fighters! LET ME REITERATE! Don't do SHIT for the Z-Fighters! Unless a Z-Fighter wanna fight that Tournament and get that Zeni a Z-Fighter ain't getting a goddamn thing! And the same goes for 'brothers', 'peeps', 'dudes', 'fellas', 'buddies', 'comrades', whatever the fuck Saiyans is calling each other nowadays...........Sounds like some yaoi shit to me."
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